Great Casino Gaming Jobs That You May Want To Know About

Great Casino Gaming Jobs That You May Want To Know About

The 2008 housing market driven economic meltdown had a huge impact on the entire gaming industry because of the fact that people no longer had access to the income that they needed to play games in casinos. Those that were working in casinos also ended up faced with huge problems as they had to look for new jobs or even make career changes.

What is interesting with casinos is that they always manage to pull through and there are always some opportunities that are available for those that want to make over $100,000 per year. In fact, the list of available jobs is so much higher than what you would expect. If you want a career in casino gaming, here are some really interesting career opportunities suggested by professionals.

Cocktail Waitress

Although this is a career opportunity that is normally suitable for women, cocktailing is quite a staple in the industry. Job positions are often opened for existing and new casinos and there is no need to have a lot of education or experience. Everything in this case is connected to how attractive the person is.

Cocktail waitresses need to take drink orders from the gamblers and then deliver to them. In many cases these drinks are free but the players do tend to tip the waitresses around one dollar for one drink. What is really interesting is that even the low end casino normally offers minimum wages and the possibility to make around one hundred dollars per night in tips. If the casino is better known, like the Aria, the cocktail waitresses can even end up with $800 per night.


Alcohol is a huge part of gambling as it makes people bet more. Casinos always have bartenders and they are paid good amounts in order to be fast and offer tasty drinks for customers. The tips that are made by the female bartenders are normally higher but even the men end up making quite a lot. In a busy casino the bartenders take to go over the six figures income.

Casino Hosts

The host at the casino only has one job: to aid the big money spenders to spend more. The job is quite similar to that of the personal shopper. One casino host will be assigned to a hotel guest that is considered VIP with the purpose of making the life a lot simpler for him/her. Guests need to feel special, which is what makes them gamble even more.

Run An Online Casino

You do not really need to work in the brick and mortar casino these days. It is possible to open your very own online casino. What is really interesting is that you do not necessarily need to have a high budget for it. You can easily use affiliate software or affiliate casino running software in order to open a business in just a few days. Why not consider the opportunity if you want to run your very own business? The player base is high and you can take advantage of this right now.

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