Tattoos And Your Future Career

Tattoos And Your Future Career

Getting a tattoo is such an important moment in your life. However, in some cases you might end up having to get the tattoo removed because of the career choice you make. Tattoos may have powerful meanings but they may bring in some career related problems in the future.

Statistics show that 23% of people living in USA have at least 1 tattoo. This number is constantly growing and we have to acknowledge the fact that tattoos are now more accepted by everyone. However, this is not always the case in the sense that in various careers we will see people that will discriminate those that have tattoos.

We are basically faced with a generation divide. Every single generation out there is different. Older people will automatically think that a person that has a tattoo will be a convict, gang member or biker. 32% of those that do not have a tattoo now think that people with tattoos will become legal problems for them. This is still quite a high percentage.

Here’s What To Worry About

If you want to follow a career in corporations, retail, as an attorney or in banks, there is a much higher possibility that you will have a problem with the tattoo is visible. The same can be said about all public agencies. The idea is that when hiring people that would deal with staff, especially when the staff is in the older generation, tattoos have to be considered as a huge point of interest.

A recent study that was highlighted by showed that 31% of all the HR managers will see visible tattoos as a negative point of interest for the company or the business that has a 50 to 70 year old crowd interaction.


It is normal to think that a hiring policy that is against body art is not normal and that discrimination appears. However, all companies are allowed to have dress codes. This can easily include excluding all tattoos. Unfortunately, this is true for most tattoos, including those that are really beautiful.

Discrimination is a highly subjective topic. Unfortunately, you cannot do much against it.

The good news is that discrimination does not appear in all fields. For instance, the creative field does not have a problem with tattoos. Examples can be given in advertising, theatre and design. In such cases it is seen as normal to have a tattoo, even when you deal with the public.

Making The Final Choice

The important thing with choosing whether or not to get a tattoo is what it means for you and what impact it will have in the future. If you decide that a tattoo is not a bad idea, just get it done. If you see that you might have problems in the future because of the tattoo, there is a big possibility that you want to postpone getting that beautiful tattoo done. This is definitely a really important decision to make and thinking about it for as much time as necessary is what is always recommended.

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