Building Your Business with Expired Domain Names

Building Your Business with Expired Domain Names

If you’re in the market for expired domain names, we would suggest that you perform thorough research on the domain name that you are intending to buy, to ensure it has not been blacklisted from anywhere, and has not been used for spam – purchasing such a domain would mean that the reputation carried over when you put it live, and the domain would be unlikely to perform well whatsoever. There are many different factors you need to look at before deciding on whether or not to purchase a particular expired domain name, how important the past traffic and domain metrics are will depend on what you want to use the domain for – if it’s purely for the name, then it doesn’t matter, but if you’re looking to supplement your existing website’s profile then it is important that the domain has not been spammed or received any type of Google penalty.

Before attempting to purchase any given domain name, we’d suggest you ask yourself the following;

– Does the domain name itself hold any value to you, does it have a meaning, is the name relevant or are you purchasing it purely based on its history and metrics?

– Will your budget stretch to this domain name? Many premium domains will go to auction – it’s important not to get carried away and pay more than you wanted to.

– Do you need the domain name online quickly? Often domains which have gone to auction can take a short while to settle and be available in your account, unlike purchasing a new domain name which is near instant.

Lets take an example – Your businesses main product is dog food which you sell to the public. Many people do this and the chances are, a lot of the good domain names are gone – your site performs ok, but you feel that a better domain name would increase your sales significantly, so you keep a budget to the side for a new domain name.

You know what you want, so it’s time to start looking for an expired domain, create a list of the types of domains that interest you, and have a shortlist of what you would like, for example

You can see that you have a common factor – you want people to know instantly that your website sells dog food without even clicking on it, that’s fine, but those types of domains are going to be taking – what you can do is start to search expired domain name sites for those types of keywords, you should be left with a list of domain names which have expired and contain your search terms. What you now need to do is choose the one which suits your needs best, once you’ve chosen one, it’s best to search for the domain name in Google and see what kind of search results come up – if they are completely unrelated to your type of website then it’ll be harder to repurpose the domain name.

Once you’ve established that the domain name you have chosen is suitable, it’s time to buy – This may be through a normal domain registrar (if the domain name has expired and been expired for more than a month or so) in which case it’ll cost you a standard registration fee, and will be online within a few minutes (generally). If the domain name has only just expired or is about to expire, you may need to purchase through a domain auction, this will involve bidding, similar to ebay, and if you’re the winner then the domaon will be in your account within a few hours.

As soon as the domain name is under your control you can begin to use it either to point directly at your current website, or to develop a new website to run alongside your current one – whichever suits you best, the choice is yours!

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