Out of work – save money with a car warranty

Out of work – save money with a car warranty

With the cost of living being higher than ever, many people are now looking to second hand/used cars rather than new cars, the downside to this is that a used vehicle can have hidden issues, and the cost of repairing these issues can be expensive, but did you know, you can take out a car warranty on a second hand vehicle? Better yet, if the car is relatively new (1 – 2 years old) then it may still have a factory warranty in place.

Buying a car with warranty (or buying an add-on warranty) doesn’t mean that the car will have no issues, of course – you can still break down at the worst possible time, leaving you late for a job interview, or stranded on a cold dark night, but it does mean that if that was to happen, the repairs should be free.

It is important to note that a warranty will not cover wear and tear items such as tyres, break pads etc, so be sure you know what’s covered when you take the warranty out – you don’t want to be paying for a warranty only to find that it does not cover the items you need repaired. Never buy a car solely on the fact it has a warranty, do your research, check the paperwork which comes with the car, does it have a service history? Has it got high miles for its age? Whilst you can still find a high miled car with no service history which has been well looked after, you don’t have any real way to know, so unless you have a friendly mechanic who is willing to check things out, it’s best to purchase based on what you can proove, rather than what you’re told.

If you’re purchasing a used car privately, then it is unlikely to have any form of warranty on it, private sales are generally buyer beware – do your research before signing any paperwork or handing over any money. It’s also important to be certain that if you purchase a used car privately, you can take out a car warranty on it, check that out before buying if a warranty is a major factor for you. If you are purchasing from a car dealership, ask them if there is any warranty included, whether it be provided by them, or the manufacturer, and also ask them the cost of adding on additional warranty, then shop around a little and see what deals can be had before deciding.

If the dealer is not providing any form of warranty, and does not sell add-on type warranties, you’ll still be able to find a company who will be willing to sell you one, warranties can range from basic, to all singing, all dancing – it’s very very important that you understand what you’re buying. Check for any clauses which limit the amount of warranty claims in a set period, or a maximum cash value of the warranty, you don’t want to be stuck with a blown engine that your warranty won’t fully cover!

Try to take out a warranty which will also include a courtesy car, having your car in the garage for several weeks whilst having no transport can be inconvenient at best, and you bought a car to give you easy access to transport, so you should be left in the same position as if you had your own car.

There are businesses around which will sell you a warranty for a car purchased privately, the prices can vary and it’s worth checking out reviews of such companies before deciding whether or not to use them. Taking out a warranty protects your new purchase, and it also protects you from expensive, unexpected repair bills – think about it, is a car warranty right for you? If it is, then don’t delay – your next breakdown could be just around the corner, literally!

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