DIY at Home – clearing the waste

DIY at Home – clearing the waste

Getting rid of garden waste can be a real chore, but if you have a large garden, or have been doing home renovations lately, the amount of waste which can build up can seem unmanagable. That’s where most people start looking into skip hire, it can be hard work shifting your pile of waste from your garden into a skip, and if there’s a huge amount then you could even be looking at having 2 or 3 skips full, possibly more.

But did you know that you can use services such as grab hire london, who have trucks which can carry 3 skiploads of waste in 1 go, but even better, they can pick up and move the waste without any manual labour – don’t break your back filling up skips when you can have a truck do all of the heavy lifting.

Companies that provide grab hire services will usually charge a single fee for collection, and disposal of the waste – much like conventional skip and dumper hire companies.

Grab hire is becoming more and more common as more people take on DIY renovations of their homes and gardens, and it is surprisingly economical – one single truck to come and pick up 3 skiploads of rubbish and take it to a waste disposal centre, vs a truck visiting you multiple times to drop off and pick up filled skips.

Grab hire trucks can be used for both domestic and commercial waste, and save a lot of time over conventional skip or flatbed van hire for rubbish removals.

There’s no need to manually load the trucks, grab hire trucks will use their mechanical arm to “grab” the waste directly from the ground outside your home or commercial building.

Add to the pile whilst the truck is being loaded, unlike a skip which is lifted onto the lorry and taken away, you can continue to add rubbish to be collected, the operators will continue to fill the truck until it reaches its legal maximum weight.

Grab trucks are an excellent solution for building sites and other commercial building projects, with trucks available on a “per load” or “per day” basis, you can shift a huge amount of waste in a single day – the operators will do the loading whilst you continue to fill the rubbish pile. Why use 10 or 20 skips (including waiting for collections and drop-offs) when you can have a single grab lorry do return trips to your site.

Remember, no matter what area you are in, a grab truck hire service can come to you and clear your waste. Simply ensure there is enough room for the truck to fit and the experienced driver/operator will use the crane grab arm to pick up the waste for you.

Why break your back with wheelbarrows and skips when you can sit back, relax, and watch a machine do the work for you?

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