Painting and Decorating, a fine art

Painting and Decorating, a fine art

Painting and decorating can really improve both the interior and exterior look of your property. Whilst it may seem simple to throw a lick of paint on your walls, doing a good job of painting and decorating takes a lot of skill, patience and creativity. The time it would take for the average individual to do all of the preparation work and the decorating work required to do a good job, is generally more time than the average person has spare, and even if you had enough time, the job would not be done to the highest possible standard, unless you have many years of eperience in the decorating business.

Even in something which seems as simple as painting, the techniques and technologies which professional decorators use are evolving. When you are paying for a decorating service, you expect nothing less than perfection, and that is why the experience and of course the tools the decorator uses are so important. Remember, if you’re hiring a painter decorator for your home improvement plans, tell them exactly what you want, a decorator may make some suggestions to ammend your plans based on their past experiences, but ultimately you should get what you ask for, don’t change your entire plans to fit around your decorator – it’s your home!

Any professional painter and decorator will only start work once you have approved it. They should take all of your ideas and suggestions and put them together to make them a reality, and the final results should be exactly as you requested.

Before any painting work starts, it is important to ensure the walls are in good repair, any cracks or holes should be filled and smoothed before painting starts – you may think your walls look perfect, but a professional decorator will be able to spot any potential issues and rectify them before the painting starts.

You may think getting a good finish is all down to the painting technique, but you would be wrong – the finish is all in the preparation work. Your walls might look completely smooth, and your door frames are fine, right? Well not always – painting over old paint or wallpaper, or painting straight onto old doorframes will work, but the finish won’t be great, you’re painting on top of dust and grime that you can’t see. A professional decorator will sand down the surfaces and ensure they are clean and dust free before they put down even the first coat of paint.

If you have any sort of mould issues on your walls or window frames, it’s important to deal with it before decorating starts. Whilst you can get certain paints which are made to stop mould coming through, it is a much better idea to resolve the root cause of the problem than to hide it, your building will thank you for it in years to come!

So, if you want to turn your home into a castle, call in a professional decorating firm and let them do the hard work for you.

Wimbledon Painters And Decorators use the latest cutting edge techniques to improve both inside and outside looks of your home. Be sure to choose your local decorating firm based on recommendations and reviews where possible to get the most for your money.

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