Selling websites to boost your income

Selling websites to boost your income

Do you have a website you’ve lost interest in? Looking to sell it?

Selling a website can be a stresful process, it can take weeks or even months to sell in some cases, from gather all of the data needed, to working out the value, advertising, and handling the many window shoppers you come across in every market, you know the type, the ones who ask hundreds of questions, definitely want to buy, but then go silent on you never to be seen again.

That is where a website broker comes in, a website broker will take care of the whole process for you, the negotiation, the selling and handing over, the advertising, all of it, and whats more, generally, a website broker takes a percentage of the final sale value so it is in their best interest to sell your website for as much as possible.

So what happens?

Well, a website broker will take all of the relevant details from you, and attempt to sell your website, they will be well versed in how to go about this, from where and how to write a succesful listing. The broker will be able to advise on a rough value of your site, and you can expect to pay somewhere in the 8 to 12% range of the final sale price to the broker.

Valuing your website will be done on many different factors, from its age to its earnings and also earning potential, if you’re not experienced in this, paying for a professional is definitely the way to go, you could be seriously undervaluing your website (or over-valuing, in which case nobody will buy it!).

The broker will deal with the full process leaving you to sit back and reap the rewards of your hard work (creating the website).

Using a broker gives you convenience over everything else. Using a broker may also be a more secure method to sell your website, as they will be responsible for vetting the buyer and ensuring they are genuine before handing over the website, what’s more, because a website broker is experienced in how to market a website and get the most money possible, you may get more than you expected, even AFTER paying the broker their cut!

What’s not to like? If you’re selling on a long term website, or a short term site you bought to flip, add that little extra chance of selling by hiring in the pros.

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