Working With a Baby – Use a baby sling

Working With a Baby – Use a baby sling

Back when they were originally “invented” baby carriers, or baby slings were created out of anything which could be adapted to carry a heavy object – the thought process behind a baby carrier was to simplify the process of carrying babies whilst allowing the mother or father to continue with their day to day tasks whilst still being able to care for the baby easily – quite simply, they were made for convenience, so that current day to day life didn’t have to change after birth.

In today’s world, baby slings are more often used to carry a baby around to provide closeness between parent and child, holding the baby close to the body whilst supporting the baby in a safe way. This also means that a short trip to the shops need not cause the hassle of pushing around a pram whilst trying to pick up your shopping and other bits and pieces.

There are many different types of baby carrier slings, but all of them work in a similar way and with the same purpose, to keep your baby close. Getting on with your day to day chores can be hard when you have a newborn baby to keep an eye on, but with a sling you can carry your baby around with you, this is why they are becoming more and more popular.

One of the popular types of baby sling is a ring style carrier. These are created from a length of material and have rings sewn into one end, these rings are created from either metal or nylon, and are used to create a sort of belt buckle type effect. The wearer wraps the cloth around their body from shoulder to opposite hip, and threads one end through the ring, and back through the other ring to create a belt buckle effect. These are comfortable and allows the baby to be positioned in various sitting and laying positions. These are excellent because you can also change the size of the sling to support different heights of the parents.

Another common type of sling is the pouch style sling, these are made from fabric which is in a tube style shape, they can be adjusted to fit the wearer either via buttons, zips or buckles – some may also use the same ring style as the ring carriers. These baby carriers allow you to easily slide the baby in and out whilst wearing the sling, so it is an excellent choice if you’ll need to take the baby in and out multiple times, or of course, as a general day to day sling.

There are also baby slings which use a wrapping method to hold the sling to the carrying parent, these can be used to hold the baby at any position, from the front to the back, or on the hip – this frees up both hands whilst still carrying your baby like you would with your arms.

The market also contains chinese style baby carrying slings known as Mei tai baby carriers, which are made out of cloth and padding, these are very versatile and are becoming more common in todays market – check them out if you’re in the market for a baby sling!

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