Writing a succesful cover letter

Writing a succesful cover letter

If you’re looking for a new job, you should have heard about cover letters – a short letter you include as a “cover” to your CV, your cover letter could be the difference between your CV getting looked at or not, so make sure you make the most of it.

Your cover letter should be short, less than an a4 side – keep it as short as possible whilst packing it with as much key information as possible, sell yourself and show you know what you’re doing to make yourself worthy of the role – the employer doesn’t want to know irrelevant information at this time, so tell them about your love for the sector you’re applying to, not that you like to spend your free time playing in Fifa leagues or watching TV shows!

A cover letter should be used to show;

You understand the role you are applying for – briefly show you understand the role, and are passionate about it.

You know the company, and what they do – do some research on the company and show that you know who they are, and what they do – companies love candidates who have done their homework.

Show passion – let the company know that you’re passionate about what you do – and more importantly, about the position you’re applying for.

Be clear what position you are applying for, companies often have a recruitment drive where they advertise for many positions, you don’t want an interview as a salesperson if you’re interested in a technician role, or vice versa.

You may be tempted to use a generic cover letter for all applications, but the hiring managers will see hundreds of these for every vacancy, make your cover letter stand out, tailor each cover letter to each individual application, sell yourself, give the recipient a reason to want to know more and you may just be one of the lucky few who make it to the interview stages.

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