Called for a competency based interview?

Called for a competency based interview?

So you’ve had an interview and been called back for a competency based interview, or perhaps you’ve had a phone call for a first interview and have been told it will be competency based – you’ve got an interview, or second interview – great! But what exactly is a competency based interview and what should you expect?

Well, as the name suggests, the interview will include a test of your competency, exactly what that entails will depend on the role you’ve applied for.

Some competency interviews will test you on points you have included on your CV, such as

Team Work / Team Leader skills
Problem solving / thinking outside the box
Communication – Either written or verbal, or both, depending on what your role will include

Obviously this list is just scratching the surface of what may be tested, the list is near endless depending on the job and skillset required.

Whilst you may be asked to carry out a practical / physical task to prove competency in a particular skill, a lot of this will be question based, whereby you will be asked to provide examples of a competency.

For example, they may ask you to give an example of how you worked well in a team in the past, what you brought to the team, and what the benefits were. So if you’re a garden landscaper and were looking to join a Dublin Paving Company – it would be highly beneficial for you to reach out to your historical experiences and really focus on how you added value to the operation from both a professional and personal perspective. Speak about how competent you were with all the processes and of course the hands on bricklaying aspect – clearly communicate how your expertise made the business a more efficient supplier.

Another example could be something along the lines of, “Tell us about a time in a past job where something went wrong, how you handled it, and what could you have done to handle it better”. Don’t be afraid to answer this question by saying you done something wrong, or could have done better – if it’s true of course, interviewers are always looking for people who recognise their mistakes and can improve on them.

If you are applying for a supervisor, team leader, or managerial role you will most likely be asked to provide an example of how you have delegated to your team in the past, you may also be given a made up scenario and asked how you would deal with it.

If you are applying for a driving role, you may be taken out for a short drive, or asked to look at dashcam footage and give your thoughts on particular scenarios – how you would handle them, and whether you agree with the decisions made in the video.

So in short, a competency based interview is just as it sounds, an interview to test how competent you are in certain areas which are important to the job you have applied for. If you have made it this far, and you’ve been truthful up to this point in the process (CV/skillset and any prior interviews) then you should breeze this one. Good luck!

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