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Your Overview of The Ontario Medical School Application Service (OMSAS)

Students applying to attend medical school in Ontario are required to apply through OMSAS, the centralized online application service for all six Ontario medical schools. Getting your application right is your key to entering medical school, and it’s the first step on your pathway to your new career, so it’s crucial to fill out your application correctly.

Filling in Your Personal Information

This is, without doubt, the easiest part of your application but you should still pay close attention to the information that you provide for your address. Your mailing address is the place where you usually live during the school year (September to April). Your home address can be your parent’s home, main place of residence when you’re not in school, or it can be the same as your mailing address. You must indicate which address should be used after May 1st.

Eligibility Questions

You’ll be asked several eligibility questions when you apply through OMSAS. Don’t be tempted to give any false information here. Answering yes to any of the questions won’t automatically disqualify you, but your application will be looked at more closely. Each school has their own special consideration criteria, so if you do answer yes to any other questions, take a look on their websites to find out what mitigation they find acceptable.


The service will submit your application to the schools that you select in this section. If you haven’t made your decision yet, don’t worry, you can edit this information until the submission deadline.

Your Sketch

This is the part of the application that causes most students some difficulty, and it’s a good idea to opt for an OMSAS application review to make sure that you present yourself as well as you can in this part of your application.

Your sketch gives the schools a picture of who you are and you can include up to 48 pieces of information covering your achievements and activities since the age of 16.

Each entry that you make will need to be verified so you will need to enter contact details for the relevant people. The exceptions are for any information that can be verified via your transcripts.

School Submissions

Each school has their own submission requirements which consist of supplementary questions that you’ll need to answer in detail. Don’t forget to provide answers to the questions for each of the schools on your submissions list.


Your referees are required to complete a confidential assessment form. Once you enter the details for each referee, the system will generate a unique form for you to download and send to the specified individual. It’s vital that your referees have already confirmed their willingness to act on your behalf because the information entered in this section can’t be changed later.

Your MCAT Score

Enter your AAMC ID and most recent test date. Each time that you apply to medical school you should contact AAMC and request that your scores are released to OMSAS by the deadline.

University or College Transcripts

In this section, include the details of all post-secondary institutions that you have attended, even those where you withdrew from the course. Use your transcripts to enter the requested information accurately and then double check your entries as it’s easy to make mistakes here. Copies of your transcripts need to be sent to OMSAS by the date specified on the application.

Your Ontario medical school application takes time to complete, so you should begin gathering your information and crafting your answers as early as possible. Before you submit your application, go over all your details and double check the information you’ve given to make sure that your submission isn’t rejected due to errors or omissions.

What Are Bet365 Like To Work For? A Look At Their Customer Service Careers

Bet365 have risen over the years into becoming the biggest online gambling group in the world. They have a staggering 19 million customers from over 200 hundred countries. Lead by the Coates family, the company choose to operate from their base in Stoke-On-Trent, rather than having an office abroad like William Hill and BetVictor, who operate from tax havens such as Gibraltar and Malta.

The Rise Of The Giant


Since being founded in a portakabin back in 2001, Bet365 have become the biggest employee in the region around Stoke, employing over 3,000 personnel in a huge logistical operation that sees people from a wide range of industries work together to deliver their online sports betting platform.

Given that Bet365 cater for sports betting, casino, poker and gaming clients over the world, one of their main job roles involves delivering the 24/7 customer service that they are renowned for. It is well known that a large amount of Chinese speaking staff work from the Bet365 office given they have hundreds of thousands of clients in that region. However the UK betting industry is growing at a phenomenal rate, and having a UK based customer service team has to take priority given that there are customers who need to place bets or get help over the phone.

What The Customer Service Role Entails – Knowledge Of The Welcome Deposit Bonus


Whilst the Bet365 staff don’t necessarily have a vast amount of sports betting or casino knowledge, they do have an excellent grasp on the products that set themselves apart from the competition. One of the USPs of their sports betting platform is the phenomenal £200 welcome bonus that gives new customers the opportunity to withdraw an additional £200 within a short time of registering. Such bonuses carry strict ‘wagering’ requirements, also known as a bonus rollover or turnover. This bonus rollover is explained in great detail at CompareTheBets which provides screenshots, a bonus generator, a rollover calculator and an informative insight into how the rules of the bonus bet work.

From Highs To Lows, How Shock Upsets Can Anger Customers


Customer service staff will need to be patient. Gambling brings high emotional states. People lose money, get frustrated and generally look for others to blame in times of hardship. A typical Saturday afternoon may involve many Premier League, Football League and European Soccer upsets. At peak times they key functionality of Bet365’s services can sometimes go awry, leaving features like cash-out and withdrawals to be suspended or taken offline. Disallowed goals cause frustration amongst punters, coupled with abandoned matches and postponed games during the adverse weather of the winter months can cause outrage in the community. The customer service agents are usually on the frontline to receive an array of complaints. These are often dealt with swiftly and professionally, with customers being given a profound apology and often a free bet to make up for the lack of service and their loyalty to the company.

What The Reviews Say


A quick search online shows many review sites where staff have left anonymous reviews. The general feedback is that working in a modern office with a range of people from different background can prove challenging yet extremely rewarding. The customer service career can provide staff with an average salary of £19,000 – £21,000 a year which is extremely competitive. The only critisicm that has come to light would be the fast pace and changing environment from the online betting industry. Quick changes and government legislation needs to be explained thoroughly to staff to ensure they’re aware of what exactly is going on, and the reasons for any major changes within the company.

Osteopathy, A Treating For Chronic Disease

Osteopathy is a type of medical therapy which can treat a wide variety of ailments. It has seen especially wide use in the field of sports injury, similar to that of physiotherapy and other sports injury-related disciplines, such as massage and acupuncture. Nerve problems, chronic pain, and sports injuries are just some examples of problems which can be ameliorated or cured by osteopathic intervention. A skilled osteopath is difficult to find, but there are many of them in London. It is important to find one with experience in the problem you are attempting to deal with so that you can get the best treatment and thus the fastest recovery.

Some people wonder what the difference between osteopaths, doctors, and physical therapists is. Osteopathy attempts to diagnose problems by looking at the person’s physical structure as a whole and how they are using their body rather than simply looking for a simple single root cause of an injury or disease. An osteopath can better help you move more skillfully and avoid injuries in the future. This is why osteopaths are generally sought out to help heal sports-related injuries or chronic body pain which may be caused by long-term misuse of the body rather than an isolated incident. They are able to offer special insight into the physical source of the problem in your movement or other idiosyncrasies that other types of doctors might miss or disregard.

Typically, osteopathic techniques involve some specialised physical manipulations that are able to offer relief for various types of pain. Osteopaths in London can offer much the same relief as chiropractors. You should not be alarmed if you feel a continuation of the pain during or a little while after a treatment. However, a good while after the treatment, pain should be reduced significantly. Due to the nature of osteopathy, you typically do not need a referral from your GP to visit a professional.

Osteopathic clinics will usually also be able to offer acupuncture in London. Acupuncture is the insertion of small needles into the body at specific points in order to promote a response from the nervous system. This in turn often heals or creates other benefits, such as better blood flow. Although acupuncture evolved from ancient oriental techniques, today it can be found in many clinics related to the management of pain or sports injuries. This includes any full-service osteopathic clinic. They have become exceedingly popular around London.

Osteopathy, acupuncture, and the healing of chronic pain or sports injuries go hand-in-hand. There are many places in London which offer these services, from Mayfair to Soho. The important thing is choosing a place which offers not only osteopathy but also acupuncture and other types of physiotherapy, such as massages. It is also important that your clinic gives you access to emergency services should you need them. It would be unfortunate to experience injuries or pain during the weekend and your normal osteopath is unable to help you with them. Thus, the priority is finding a place that is professional and has all the services you need.

Things To Consider When Buying A Steam Cleaner

Before you purchase a steam cleaner you must take into account several factors. A steam cleaner is important for every modern household. It helps not only in cleaning but also in sanitizing of the surface. It renders surfaces and objects not only clean but also germ-free. If you have small kids sanitizing of floors can be crucial. The presence of germs can cause all sorts of unwanted health problems. Germ related infections are very common amongst smaller kids.

The first and foremost thing that you must consider before buying a steam cleaner is the floor area of your house. If the floor area of your house is substantially large, then smaller steam cleaners with a lesser storage capacity of steam will not be a smart choice. Despite the fact that steam cleaners with smaller cylinders cost less they should not be preferred. The reason behind this is that you will need to constantly refill the cylinder. Smaller cylinders do not facilitate cleaning for longer periods of time.

Hence in order to clean a large surface area, the cylinder will have to be refilled several times. This leads to the second most important factor for consideration. The time that is taken by the cleaner to be fully heated. This time taken by a steam cleaner to be fully heated and ready for cleaning is called the boiling period. Steam cleaners with lower boiling periods should be preferred. The reason behind this is obvious. Time taken for cleaning is reduced.

Along with this, the cleaning period should also be considered. Cleaning period refers to the amount of time for which a cleaner can clean before refilling of water is needed. Quite obviously steam cleaners with greater cleaning periods should be preferred. Also important is the fact that there must be a balance between boiling period and cleaning period of any steam cleaner. Buy the steam cleaner with a more balanced ratio between these two factors.

You must take into account your requirements before making a purchase. Do you need a cleaner for cleaning and sanitizing of floors? Do you need a cleaner for cleaning articles? Do you need a cleaner for cleaning floors as well as objects? Based on the answers to these questions you can proceed to choose the most suited cleaner for your needs.

Considering the amount of money you are willing to spend on a cleaner is also important. Going for a cleaner which is beyond your budget is never advised. Purchasing a cleaner which does not fulfill your needs simply because it is relatively cheaper is also a bad idea. Try to strike the perfect balance between your budget and requirements. Buying a product that fulfills all your requirements and fits your budget should always be your goal. Do not overspend. Do not under spend too.

The reviews by consumers who have used a particular steam cleaner are important. You must take the reviews by current as well former users into consideration. Their experiences will educate you on the benefits as well as drawbacks of various steam cleaners.

Great Casino Gaming Jobs That You May Want To Know About

The 2008 housing market driven economic meltdown had a huge impact on the entire gaming industry because of the fact that people no longer had access to the income that they needed to play games in casinos. Those that were working in casinos also ended up faced with huge problems as they had to look for new jobs or even make career changes.

What is interesting with casinos is that they always manage to pull through and there are always some opportunities that are available for those that want to make over $100,000 per year. In fact, the list of available jobs is so much higher than what you would expect. If you want a career in casino gaming, here are some really interesting career opportunities suggested by professionals.

Cocktail Waitress

Although this is a career opportunity that is normally suitable for women, cocktailing is quite a staple in the industry. Job positions are often opened for existing and new casinos and there is no need to have a lot of education or experience. Everything in this case is connected to how attractive the person is.

Cocktail waitresses need to take drink orders from the gamblers and then deliver to them. In many cases these drinks are free but the players do tend to tip the waitresses around one dollar for one drink. What is really interesting is that even the low end casino normally offers minimum wages and the possibility to make around one hundred dollars per night in tips. If the casino is better known, like the Aria, the cocktail waitresses can even end up with $800 per night.


Alcohol is a huge part of gambling as it makes people bet more. Casinos always have bartenders and they are paid good amounts in order to be fast and offer tasty drinks for customers. The tips that are made by the female bartenders are normally higher but even the men end up making quite a lot. In a busy casino the bartenders take to go over the six figures income.

Casino Hosts

The host at the casino only has one job: to aid the big money spenders to spend more. The job is quite similar to that of the personal shopper. One casino host will be assigned to a hotel guest that is considered VIP with the purpose of making the life a lot simpler for him/her. Guests need to feel special, which is what makes them gamble even more.

Run An Online Casino

You do not really need to work in the brick and mortar casino these days. It is possible to open your very own online casino. What is really interesting is that you do not necessarily need to have a high budget for it. You can easily use affiliate software or affiliate casino running software in order to open a business in just a few days. Why not consider the opportunity if you want to run your very own business? The player base is high and you can take advantage of this right now.

Tattoos And Your Future Career

Getting a tattoo is such an important moment in your life. However, in some cases you might end up having to get the tattoo removed because of the career choice you make. Tattoos may have powerful meanings but they may bring in some career related problems in the future.

Statistics show that 23% of people living in USA have at least 1 tattoo. This number is constantly growing and we have to acknowledge the fact that tattoos are now more accepted by everyone. However, this is not always the case in the sense that in various careers we will see people that will discriminate those that have tattoos.

We are basically faced with a generation divide. Every single generation out there is different. Older people will automatically think that a person that has a tattoo will be a convict, gang member or biker. 32% of those that do not have a tattoo now think that people with tattoos will become legal problems for them. This is still quite a high percentage.

Here’s What To Worry About

If you want to follow a career in corporations, retail, as an attorney or in banks, there is a much higher possibility that you will have a problem with the tattoo is visible. The same can be said about all public agencies. The idea is that when hiring people that would deal with staff, especially when the staff is in the older generation, tattoos have to be considered as a huge point of interest.

A recent study that was highlighted by carrerbuilder.com showed that 31% of all the HR managers will see visible tattoos as a negative point of interest for the company or the business that has a 50 to 70 year old crowd interaction.


It is normal to think that a hiring policy that is against body art is not normal and that discrimination appears. However, all companies are allowed to have dress codes. This can easily include excluding all tattoos. Unfortunately, this is true for most tattoos, including those that are really beautiful.

Discrimination is a highly subjective topic. Unfortunately, you cannot do much against it.

The good news is that discrimination does not appear in all fields. For instance, the creative field does not have a problem with tattoos. Examples can be given in advertising, theatre and design. In such cases it is seen as normal to have a tattoo, even when you deal with the public.

Making The Final Choice

The important thing with choosing whether or not to get a tattoo is what it means for you and what impact it will have in the future. If you decide that a tattoo is not a bad idea, just get it done. If you see that you might have problems in the future because of the tattoo, there is a big possibility that you want to postpone getting that beautiful tattoo done. This is definitely a really important decision to make and thinking about it for as much time as necessary is what is always recommended.

Online Marketing – The how’s and whys

Marketing your business online gives you access to a massive audience which would otherwise be untapped, even if it is only to drive customers into your bricks and mortar store on your local high street, you can benefit from marketing your business online.

Online marketing a big business, with companies such as Calgary Internet Marketing providing all of the required services under one umbrella, allowing them to take care of all of your needs.

What’s actually involved in online marketing, what’s required?

An online presence

Firstly you’re going to need a web presence of your own, whether that be a website of your own, or simply a social media profile, as long as you have a way for your target audience to find you online, you’re well on the way.

It’s also good practice to be present – if you have a website, post regular updates or deals, if you have a social media profile then interact with your followers/page members. If you never interact with your audience then the old saying “out of sight, out of mind” can easily sneak into play, with people forgetting you exist and going to more active competitors.

Search Engine Optimisation

Whilst having a website is better than having no website at all, a poorly optimised website will not give you much of a return – it is unlikely to appear anywhere in the early ranks for searches on the major search engines such as Google or Bing, and therefore is highly unlikely to get much traffic.

The best way to sort this is through search engine optimisation – ensuring your site is attractive to search engines to make them see your site more valuable than the next, and thus rank you better. There are many factors involved in SEO, the simplest and least costly method, which you can perform by yourself is what’s known as “on-site” or “on-page” optimisation, this involves ensuring your web pages are well written, well structured and have a good amount of content. You can also make sure your URLs/links on your page are search engine friendly, and include the keyword you’re targetting.

Keeping your site fresh with new blog articles is a great way to get the search engines to take notice – if you build a site with a few pages and leave it to stagnate, Google can assume that you’ve lost interest in the site, and if you’re not interested, why would anyone else be? If the site is seen to have no value then the rankings are going to suffer.

Another side to SEO is the off-page side of things, link building and other external promotion techniques – these are seen as “grey hat” or even “black hat” (that is, techniques which are in a grey area in terms of the search engines terms & conditions/rules, or in the case of blackhat, strictly forbidden).

Venturing into this side of things by yourself without the correct knowledge can lead to your site being penalised and dropping ranks, or even worse, being completely removed from Google – it’s best to leave this to the professionals if you’re in any doubt.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising, done right can be very effective, but on the other side of the coin, badly executed paid advertising campaigns can be a costly lesson, with your advertising budget being blown for no return. If you’re not sure on how or what to go about setting this up, you’re better to pay a company to manage your advertising campaigns, or at least set them up.

The three main types of paid advertising are CPC, CPM and CPL/CPA

CPC – Cost Per Click

This advertising format involves you being charged for each “click” the advertiser sends to you – in simple terms, every time someone clicks on an advertisement served by your chosen advertiser, you’ll pay a fee out of your pre-loaded credit. The cost per click varies wildly depending on the keywords you’re targetting, with some clicks costing as little as $0.01 with others being in the $100’s range. Generaly the cost of a click is worked out based on how competetive the keywords are – if you’re entering the law market then expect to be paying through the nose for visitors!

CPM – Cost Per 1000 Impressions

The CPM advertising format involves paying a set fee for every 1000 times your advertisement is displayed, depending on your market and the websites you’re advertising on, this can either be great, or rubbish. You may have your advert shown 10,000 times and not get a single visitor, or you may have it shown 10,000 times and (although extremely unlikely!) get 10,000 new visitors to your website.

It’s important to understand exactly what you’re getting for your money when using CPM advertising, and be sure that it suits your business model, otherwise you may just be spending money for nothing.

CPL/CPA – Cost Per Lead/Acquisition

Perhaps the most likely to convert, CPL involves buying leads from a third party – the leads will be people who are actively looking for your product or service, all you have to do is make contact and try to convert them into a sale – because most of the hard work is done for you already, CPL is often more expensive than any of the other options, but if your forte is closing sales, then this could definitely be an excellent option for you.

So there you have it, if you don’t do any form of online marketing then you are missing out on all of the mentioned revenue sources, so what are you waiting for? Take the plunge today!

Take up a career in computer repairs

If you’re computer mad and looking to put your passion to work, a career in computer repairs could be perfect for you.

With the ever increasing amount of people entering the cyber world on the cheap, with second hand PC systems and laptops, there is also an increasing need for laptop repairs in Dublin.

Whether you wish to work for a repairs company or work for yourself, you’re ideally going to need some form of qualifications – local colleges and night schools will provide all you need and more when it comes to entering the computer repair business. If you’re just doing it as a hobby for friends and family then you can get some “on-the-job” style training to get you a head start, and the best form of advertising is often word of mouth.

So you’ve decided you’d like to work in computer repairs – but aren’t quite sure whether to go it alone or join an established company, we’ve listed some pros and cons of each below.

Working for a company


  • An established client base, and a guaranteed wage at the end of the month (usually!)
  • A clear cut career path, with possibilities of climbing the career ladder
  • Paid during holidays, and sickness times
  • Set working hours
  • No need to get involved in complicated taxes and business expenses


  • Being accountable to a chain of command
  • Not being able to set your own hours, days or holidays
  • not being your own boss
  • Building someone elses reputation, rather than your own.

Working for yourself


  • You’ll be your own boss – nobody to answer to
  • Work from home, or on the road – whichever suits you
  • Building your own empire and watching it grow
  • Take time off as and when you need it


  • If you’re not working, you’re not earning
  • Finding new customers can be hard
  • Any poor reviews can be costly
  • Stress of being “the boss” (even if it is only your own boss)
  • If you’re sick, or want a holiday, you’re not working, so won’t be earning
  • You need to keep business records and pay business taxes
  • You need to have the relevant insurance in place

So a career in computer repairs can be lucrative, whichever way you go. There’s no denying that more and more people are using computers every day, which equates to more people having computer problems, so the customers are there, but do you have what it takes? Only you can decide.

Building Your Business with Expired Domain Names

If you’re in the market for expired domain names, we would suggest that you perform thorough research on the domain name that you are intending to buy, to ensure it has not been blacklisted from anywhere, and has not been used for spam – purchasing such a domain would mean that the reputation carried over when you put it live, and the domain would be unlikely to perform well whatsoever. There are many different factors you need to look at before deciding on whether or not to purchase a particular expired domain name, how important the past traffic and domain metrics are will depend on what you want to use the domain for – if it’s purely for the name, then it doesn’t matter, but if you’re looking to supplement your existing website’s profile then it is important that the domain has not been spammed or received any type of Google penalty.

Before attempting to purchase any given domain name, we’d suggest you ask yourself the following;

– Does the domain name itself hold any value to you, does it have a meaning, is the name relevant or are you purchasing it purely based on its history and metrics?

– Will your budget stretch to this domain name? Many premium domains will go to auction – it’s important not to get carried away and pay more than you wanted to.

– Do you need the domain name online quickly? Often domains which have gone to auction can take a short while to settle and be available in your account, unlike purchasing a new domain name which is near instant.

Lets take an example – Your businesses main product is dog food which you sell to the public. Many people do this and the chances are, a lot of the good domain names are gone – your site performs ok, but you feel that a better domain name would increase your sales significantly, so you keep a budget to the side for a new domain name.

You know what you want, so it’s time to start looking for an expired domain, create a list of the types of domains that interest you, and have a shortlist of what you would like, for example


You can see that you have a common factor – you want people to know instantly that your website sells dog food without even clicking on it, that’s fine, but those types of domains are going to be taking – what you can do is start to search expired domain name sites for those types of keywords, you should be left with a list of domain names which have expired and contain your search terms. What you now need to do is choose the one which suits your needs best, once you’ve chosen one, it’s best to search for the domain name in Google and see what kind of search results come up – if they are completely unrelated to your type of website then it’ll be harder to repurpose the domain name.

Once you’ve established that the domain name you have chosen is suitable, it’s time to buy – This may be through a normal domain registrar (if the domain name has expired and been expired for more than a month or so) in which case it’ll cost you a standard registration fee, and will be online within a few minutes (generally). If the domain name has only just expired or is about to expire, you may need to purchase through a domain auction, this will involve bidding, similar to ebay, and if you’re the winner then the domaon will be in your account within a few hours.

As soon as the domain name is under your control you can begin to use it either to point directly at your current website, or to develop a new website to run alongside your current one – whichever suits you best, the choice is yours!

Out of work – save money with a car warranty

With the cost of living being higher than ever, many people are now looking to second hand/used cars rather than new cars, the downside to this is that a used vehicle can have hidden issues, and the cost of repairing these issues can be expensive, but did you know, you can take out a car warranty on a second hand vehicle? Better yet, if the car is relatively new (1 – 2 years old) then it may still have a factory warranty in place.

Buying a car with warranty (or buying an add-on warranty) doesn’t mean that the car will have no issues, of course – you can still break down at the worst possible time, leaving you late for a job interview, or stranded on a cold dark night, but it does mean that if that was to happen, the repairs should be free.

It is important to note that a warranty will not cover wear and tear items such as tyres, break pads etc, so be sure you know what’s covered when you take the warranty out – you don’t want to be paying for a warranty only to find that it does not cover the items you need repaired. Never buy a car solely on the fact it has a warranty, do your research, check the paperwork which comes with the car, does it have a service history? Has it got high miles for its age? Whilst you can still find a high miled car with no service history which has been well looked after, you don’t have any real way to know, so unless you have a friendly mechanic who is willing to check things out, it’s best to purchase based on what you can proove, rather than what you’re told.

If you’re purchasing a used car privately, then it is unlikely to have any form of warranty on it, private sales are generally buyer beware – do your research before signing any paperwork or handing over any money. It’s also important to be certain that if you purchase a used car privately, you can take out a car warranty on it, check that out before buying if a warranty is a major factor for you. If you are purchasing from a car dealership, ask them if there is any warranty included, whether it be provided by them, or the manufacturer, and also ask them the cost of adding on additional warranty, then shop around a little and see what deals can be had before deciding.

If the dealer is not providing any form of warranty, and does not sell add-on type warranties, you’ll still be able to find a company who will be willing to sell you one, warranties can range from basic, to all singing, all dancing – it’s very very important that you understand what you’re buying. Check for any clauses which limit the amount of warranty claims in a set period, or a maximum cash value of the warranty, you don’t want to be stuck with a blown engine that your warranty won’t fully cover!

Try to take out a warranty which will also include a courtesy car, having your car in the garage for several weeks whilst having no transport can be inconvenient at best, and you bought a car to give you easy access to transport, so you should be left in the same position as if you had your own car.

There are businesses around which will sell you a warranty for a car purchased privately, the prices can vary and it’s worth checking out reviews of such companies before deciding whether or not to use them. Taking out a warranty protects your new purchase, and it also protects you from expensive, unexpected repair bills – think about it, is a car warranty right for you? If it is, then don’t delay – your next breakdown could be just around the corner, literally!

How to get a career in insurance

An insurance sales career can be a huge gamble even for a person with previous sales experience. The most highly successful insurance agents in this country make over $1 million per year, but most who sign up to hock insurance don’t make it past a year. It is truly a game of survival of the fittest.

Life insurance has a reputation for being an easy sell, but that is simply not the way it always works out. The South Florida office of the New York Life Insurance Company, the managing partner—Mr. Greg Jensen—looked over new applications from over 1,300 people recently. At the end of the day, he brought on just 45 sales associates.

Jensen explained that many companies will try to persuade job applicants that theirs is the greatest company and everybody there will make $100,000. So he asks you this: Is this the right career for the applicant? There are extensive interviews for the job to help make sure the applicants know this is the correct career decision for them.

Those most likely to succeed are mortgage loan officers, real estate agents, copier sales reps, teachers, auto sales specialists—these are the people Jensen says are the best suited to insurance sales. Those who can position themselves and network, those who have figured out they need a career that is recession-proof. Also, those with deep-rooted relationships in their communities—those are the ones who have the best chances at making this work.

A New York Life agent—Sonia Montana—in Miami, fits perfectly into the description. Having left her job as a realtor in 2005, she had a big database of people who trusted and liked her. She felt she could successfully offer them a different product.

Hours worked in the industry of for instance track day insurance can often be more favorable than hours worked in real estate, car sales, and mortgage lending, most of which normally require their salespeople to work evenings and also weekends. When realtors get more into their own families, they like the flexibility that Jensen has to offer.

The best agency reps are from outside the arena of sales too, according to Dan Strubberg, the agency director of recruiting and development at State Farm Insurance, located in Bloomington, Illinois. These are people going for that extra bit of recognition—the competitive ones. These are the people who love the risk of a venture in which they are successful based on the connection of hard work, success, and desiring to be of help to people in solving the risks of everyday life.
Other pros who quite often make a good transition into selling insurance include bank branch managers and nurses. Also some educators take to the job well. They have plans to work in the agency for 12-18 month, then continue to become career-development instructors. Then you have the bank managers who desire a close executive insurance position. They start their careers in insurance as agents, followed by a move up the ladder into the management track. Where Jensen works, a manager or a partner may earn anywhere from $60,000 to $100,000 per year after being successful agents. The first salary reflects the prior year’s commissions.

Still, not all sales are the same or equal in nature. When people move into a new sales position, they believe that since they sold in one , they can still sell in another the same way. But that’s not usually how it works. Different markets require different tactics. If you were able to go out there and be a lone wolf in your prior insurance job, you probably can’t expect to do the same in this career field. There are some lone wolves out there in insurance, but that is very rare. It usually comes down to team effort, even if an agent eventually starts making most of their sales on their own. Much of the time experienced agents will sell with other newer agents, teaching them to develop their chops. With experience comes rewards, like being to set your schedule for family life, but it often results in more work too, as salaries inflate so do individuals’ work schedules.

To succeed, one needs a certain amount of sales generated in their first 12 months. The bottom at New York Life $18,000. That’s not including the subsidies New York Life pays to new agents. Usually around 40% of the newbies hit that target each year. Insurance is a tough game, more suited to those who can take rejection with a grain of salt and have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Soften Your Water? Why?

Water softeners are perhaps one of the most popular and most used water treatment technologies in the home today. Many people do not really understand how water softeners work, or what their primary purpose is, but there’s no denying that using a water softener will mean your family has a higher quality of water in the home, both for drinking and cooking. Water softeners eliminate most of the mineral deposits which are found in so called “hard water”, this will mean those water spots which you see on your glasses and plates, or on your shower wall will be gone. It is also said that your laundry will benefit too, with water softener companies claiming that your clothes washing will come out both cleaner, and softer. Many people say you can tell the difference when drinking soft water vs hard water – we’ve heard people say it FEELS softer!

So who needs a water softener? Well, if your water supply comes from a well, whether it be a dug or drilled well, or any other ground source, then chances are you could benefit from a water softener. Even natural sources of water such as rivers pick up mineral content whilst flowing, and can then be classed as hard water, so a softener will improve the quality of such water too.

The hardness (or softness) of water can vary – it is not either hard, or soft, the hardness can be measured using a scale which tests the amount of grains per litre. For water with a low grain count per litre (anything below 5) is unlikely to see much benefit from even the best water softener system, but anything over 10 grains will have a noticable effect on the water quality – 15 and above? Why haven’t you got a water softener already?!

The most common complaints people make after having a water softener fitted are, dishes and glasses are slippery after washing – and this is of course true, the amount of mineral deposits have reduced and therefore, so has the friction caused by the water. The other complaint is generally to do with hair, believe it or not! Because the mineral deposits have been reduced, your hair does not cling to each other as much, making your hair feel more puffed out or bushy – but although annoying, this actually means your hair is cleaner than ever!

So how does a water softening system work? Will my water be salty?

Water softeners use a system known as ion exchange, for every hard mineral grain (such as magnesium and calcium) that the water softener removes, it replaces with salt – that is not to say that the water will be salty, because calcium is also a salt, so the softener is replacing one type of salt (calcium salts) with another type – sodium salts. Older water softeners were really bad at getting the 1:1 ratio correct, and of course, even still today they aren’t perfect, they will always leave slightly more salt than what is removed, but some newer style systems will attempt to rinse the excess salt down to much lower levels. Most water softener salesmen will carry a meter which can check how much salt is in your water, both pre, and post softener install, so you will be able to see exactly how much the salt has been increased by.

Excess salt in your water might sound bad, or scary – but in actual fact, a good modern water softener will leave a very small amount of salt in your water, in fact, eating a single slice of white bread will give you a higher salt intake than drinking 4 litres of softened water will – so you can see it’s really not much at all!

DIY at Home – clearing the waste

Getting rid of garden waste can be a real chore, but if you have a large garden, or have been doing home renovations lately, the amount of waste which can build up can seem unmanagable. That’s where most people start looking into skip hire, it can be hard work shifting your pile of waste from your garden into a skip, and if there’s a huge amount then you could even be looking at having 2 or 3 skips full, possibly more.

But did you know that you can use services such as grab hire london, who have trucks which can carry 3 skiploads of waste in 1 go, but even better, they can pick up and move the waste without any manual labour – don’t break your back filling up skips when you can have a truck do all of the heavy lifting.

Companies that provide grab hire services will usually charge a single fee for collection, and disposal of the waste – much like conventional skip and dumper hire companies.

Grab hire is becoming more and more common as more people take on DIY renovations of their homes and gardens, and it is surprisingly economical – one single truck to come and pick up 3 skiploads of rubbish and take it to a waste disposal centre, vs a truck visiting you multiple times to drop off and pick up filled skips.

Grab hire trucks can be used for both domestic and commercial waste, and save a lot of time over conventional skip or flatbed van hire for rubbish removals.

There’s no need to manually load the trucks, grab hire trucks will use their mechanical arm to “grab” the waste directly from the ground outside your home or commercial building.

Add to the pile whilst the truck is being loaded, unlike a skip which is lifted onto the lorry and taken away, you can continue to add rubbish to be collected, the operators will continue to fill the truck until it reaches its legal maximum weight.

Grab trucks are an excellent solution for building sites and other commercial building projects, with trucks available on a “per load” or “per day” basis, you can shift a huge amount of waste in a single day – the operators will do the loading whilst you continue to fill the rubbish pile. Why use 10 or 20 skips (including waiting for collections and drop-offs) when you can have a single grab lorry do return trips to your site.

Remember, no matter what area you are in, a grab truck hire service can come to you and clear your waste. Simply ensure there is enough room for the truck to fit and the experienced driver/operator will use the crane grab arm to pick up the waste for you.

Why break your back with wheelbarrows and skips when you can sit back, relax, and watch a machine do the work for you?

Painting and Decorating, a fine art

Painting and decorating can really improve both the interior and exterior look of your property. Whilst it may seem simple to throw a lick of paint on your walls, doing a good job of painting and decorating takes a lot of skill, patience and creativity. The time it would take for the average individual to do all of the preparation work and the decorating work required to do a good job, is generally more time than the average person has spare, and even if you had enough time, the job would not be done to the highest possible standard, unless you have many years of eperience in the decorating business.

Even in something which seems as simple as painting, the techniques and technologies which professional decorators use are evolving. When you are paying for a decorating service, you expect nothing less than perfection, and that is why the experience and of course the tools the decorator uses are so important. Remember, if you’re hiring a painter decorator for your home improvement plans, tell them exactly what you want, a decorator may make some suggestions to ammend your plans based on their past experiences, but ultimately you should get what you ask for, don’t change your entire plans to fit around your decorator – it’s your home!

Any professional painter and decorator will only start work once you have approved it. They should take all of your ideas and suggestions and put them together to make them a reality, and the final results should be exactly as you requested.

Before any painting work starts, it is important to ensure the walls are in good repair, any cracks or holes should be filled and smoothed before painting starts – you may think your walls look perfect, but a professional decorator will be able to spot any potential issues and rectify them before the painting starts.

You may think getting a good finish is all down to the painting technique, but you would be wrong – the finish is all in the preparation work. Your walls might look completely smooth, and your door frames are fine, right? Well not always – painting over old paint or wallpaper, or painting straight onto old doorframes will work, but the finish won’t be great, you’re painting on top of dust and grime that you can’t see. A professional decorator will sand down the surfaces and ensure they are clean and dust free before they put down even the first coat of paint.

If you have any sort of mould issues on your walls or window frames, it’s important to deal with it before decorating starts. Whilst you can get certain paints which are made to stop mould coming through, it is a much better idea to resolve the root cause of the problem than to hide it, your building will thank you for it in years to come!

So, if you want to turn your home into a castle, call in a professional decorating firm and let them do the hard work for you.

Wimbledon Painters And Decorators use the latest cutting edge techniques to improve both inside and outside looks of your home. Be sure to choose your local decorating firm based on recommendations and reviews where possible to get the most for your money.

Selling websites to boost your income

Do you have a website you’ve lost interest in? Looking to sell it?

Selling a website can be a stresful process, it can take weeks or even months to sell in some cases, from gather all of the data needed, to working out the value, advertising, and handling the many window shoppers you come across in every market, you know the type, the ones who ask hundreds of questions, definitely want to buy, but then go silent on you never to be seen again.

That is where a website broker comes in, a website broker will take care of the whole process for you, the negotiation, the selling and handing over, the advertising, all of it, and whats more, generally, a website broker takes a percentage of the final sale value so it is in their best interest to sell your website for as much as possible.

So what happens?

Well, a website broker will take all of the relevant details from you, and attempt to sell your website, they will be well versed in how to go about this, from where and how to write a succesful listing. The broker will be able to advise on a rough value of your site, and you can expect to pay somewhere in the 8 to 12% range of the final sale price to the broker.

Valuing your website will be done on many different factors, from its age to its earnings and also earning potential, if you’re not experienced in this, paying for a professional is definitely the way to go, you could be seriously undervaluing your website (or over-valuing, in which case nobody will buy it!).

The broker will deal with the full process leaving you to sit back and reap the rewards of your hard work (creating the website).

Using a broker gives you convenience over everything else. Using a broker may also be a more secure method to sell your website, as they will be responsible for vetting the buyer and ensuring they are genuine before handing over the website, what’s more, because a website broker is experienced in how to market a website and get the most money possible, you may get more than you expected, even AFTER paying the broker their cut!

What’s not to like? If you’re selling on a long term website, or a short term site you bought to flip, add that little extra chance of selling by hiring in the pros.

Working With a Baby – Use a baby sling

Back when they were originally “invented” baby carriers, or baby slings were created out of anything which could be adapted to carry a heavy object – the thought process behind a baby carrier was to simplify the process of carrying babies whilst allowing the mother or father to continue with their day to day tasks whilst still being able to care for the baby easily – quite simply, they were made for convenience, so that current day to day life didn’t have to change after birth.

In today’s world, baby slings are more often used to carry a baby around to provide closeness between parent and child, holding the baby close to the body whilst supporting the baby in a safe way. This also means that a short trip to the shops need not cause the hassle of pushing around a pram whilst trying to pick up your shopping and other bits and pieces.

There are many different types of baby carrier slings, but all of them work in a similar way and with the same purpose, to keep your baby close. Getting on with your day to day chores can be hard when you have a newborn baby to keep an eye on, but with a sling you can carry your baby around with you, this is why they are becoming more and more popular.

One of the popular types of baby sling is a ring style carrier. These are created from a length of material and have rings sewn into one end, these rings are created from either metal or nylon, and are used to create a sort of belt buckle type effect. The wearer wraps the cloth around their body from shoulder to opposite hip, and threads one end through the ring, and back through the other ring to create a belt buckle effect. These are comfortable and allows the baby to be positioned in various sitting and laying positions. These are excellent because you can also change the size of the sling to support different heights of the parents.

Another common type of sling is the pouch style sling, these are made from fabric which is in a tube style shape, they can be adjusted to fit the wearer either via buttons, zips or buckles – some may also use the same ring style as the ring carriers. These baby carriers allow you to easily slide the baby in and out whilst wearing the sling, so it is an excellent choice if you’ll need to take the baby in and out multiple times, or of course, as a general day to day sling.

There are also baby slings which use a wrapping method to hold the sling to the carrying parent, these can be used to hold the baby at any position, from the front to the back, or on the hip – this frees up both hands whilst still carrying your baby like you would with your arms.

The market also contains chinese style baby carrying slings known as Mei tai baby carriers, which are made out of cloth and padding, these are very versatile and are becoming more common in todays market – check them out if you’re in the market for a baby sling!

Called for a competency based interview?

So you’ve had an interview and been called back for a competency based interview, or perhaps you’ve had a phone call for a first interview and have been told it will be competency based – you’ve got an interview, or second interview – great! But what exactly is a competency based interview and what should you expect?

Well, as the name suggests, the interview will include a test of your competency, exactly what that entails will depend on the role you’ve applied for.

Some competency interviews will test you on points you have included on your CV, such as

Team Work / Team Leader skills
Problem solving / thinking outside the box
Communication – Either written or verbal, or both, depending on what your role will include

Obviously this list is just scratching the surface of what may be tested, the list is near endless depending on the job and skillset required.

Whilst you may be asked to carry out a practical / physical task to prove competency in a particular skill, a lot of this will be question based, whereby you will be asked to provide examples of a competency.

For example, they may ask you to give an example of how you worked well in a team in the past, what you brought to the team, and what the benefits were. So if you’re a garden landscaper and were looking to join a Dublin Paving Company – it would be highly beneficial for you to reach out to your historical experiences and really focus on how you added value to the operation from both a professional and personal perspective. Speak about how competent you were with all the processes and of course the hands on bricklaying aspect – clearly communicate how your expertise made the business a more efficient supplier.

Another example could be something along the lines of, “Tell us about a time in a past job where something went wrong, how you handled it, and what could you have done to handle it better”. Don’t be afraid to answer this question by saying you done something wrong, or could have done better – if it’s true of course, interviewers are always looking for people who recognise their mistakes and can improve on them.

If you are applying for a supervisor, team leader, or managerial role you will most likely be asked to provide an example of how you have delegated to your team in the past, you may also be given a made up scenario and asked how you would deal with it.

If you are applying for a driving role, you may be taken out for a short drive, or asked to look at dashcam footage and give your thoughts on particular scenarios – how you would handle them, and whether you agree with the decisions made in the video.

So in short, a competency based interview is just as it sounds, an interview to test how competent you are in certain areas which are important to the job you have applied for. If you have made it this far, and you’ve been truthful up to this point in the process (CV/skillset and any prior interviews) then you should breeze this one. Good luck!

Make the most of your interview

So you’re one of the lucky few who have been offered an interview, whether it’s for your dream job, or a stopgap to fill you in until your chosen career comes along, it’s important to get it right.

You’ve done well to get this far, your cover letter and CV must have impressed, so be sure not to disappoint when you turn up for your interview.

A job interview can be a daunting experience, but if you’re well prepared, much of the potential issues can be avoided.

Preparation is key: you may think you can get through the interview with your wit and charm, but prospective employers aren’t looking for someone who can charm their socks off, they are looking for someone who will do the job they require, and do it well. If you’ve applied for an “experience required” job and have never done the job before, you may be in for trouble, and it’s highly unlikely you’ll be hired.

So do your prep-work prior to the interview, chances are you’ve already researched the company in order to write a good cover letter, so keep that knowledge with you, take a copy of your CV and cover letter so both you and the interviewer(s) are singing from the same songsheet.

Ensure you’re dressed well, and appropriately for the role – that doesn’t mean if you’re going for a motor mechanics job you should arrive in overalls, but you should make an effort and be smartly dressed. Expectations of an interviewer will vary depending on the company or role, so be prepared.

If you’ve been honest with your CV then everything should go smoothly, I remember a conversation I had with the Managing Director of DroidStar Electronics about someone who appeared at an interview for their smart tv box shop wearing bermuda shorts and a celtic kit, whilst you may happily buy an Android TV box from someone who dressed like that, it doesn’t give the best first impression to an interviewer – for some roles, dress casual, yes, but look like you’ve walked in from a holiday on the Costa and you’re not looking like the ideal candidate! Needless to say, there were not employed. but if you’ve stretched the truth a little then you may be in for an uncomfortable interview, if you’re asked a question, be honest – getting a job based on a lie could lead to problems down the line.

No amount of intelligence will make up for ill preparation, often the person interviewing you will have seen all of the tricks in the book, they will have performed countless interviews and it is them doing you a favour by interviewing you, not the other way around, so be respectful, polite and knowledgable.

At the end of most interviews you will be asked for your thoughts on how it went, and if you have any questions – it may be that you understood everything perfectly well and don’t have any questions, but try to have at least one or 2 questions you can ask – it shows you’re keen, and employers like keen.

Once the interview is over, you will generally be given an idea of how long it will be before you hear back – unfortunately many companies don’t have the time to contact every unsuccesful candidate, but some may. If you’ve not heard back in a reasonable amount of time you may wish to make a follow up call, be polite and make your enquiry. If you’re told you got the job, great! Well done! If not, then don’t be afraid to ask for feedback, handling a rejection in a professional manner may just see you considered for future posts over someone who didn’t follow up.

Good luck!

Writing a succesful cover letter

If you’re looking for a new job, you should have heard about cover letters – a short letter you include as a “cover” to your CV, your cover letter could be the difference between your CV getting looked at or not, so make sure you make the most of it.

Your cover letter should be short, less than an a4 side – keep it as short as possible whilst packing it with as much key information as possible, sell yourself and show you know what you’re doing to make yourself worthy of the role – the employer doesn’t want to know irrelevant information at this time, so tell them about your love for the sector you’re applying to, not that you like to spend your free time playing in Fifa leagues or watching TV shows!

A cover letter should be used to show;

You understand the role you are applying for – briefly show you understand the role, and are passionate about it.

You know the company, and what they do – do some research on the company and show that you know who they are, and what they do – companies love candidates who have done their homework.

Show passion – let the company know that you’re passionate about what you do – and more importantly, about the position you’re applying for.

Be clear what position you are applying for, companies often have a recruitment drive where they advertise for many positions, you don’t want an interview as a salesperson if you’re interested in a technician role, or vice versa.

You may be tempted to use a generic cover letter for all applications, but the hiring managers will see hundreds of these for every vacancy, make your cover letter stand out, tailor each cover letter to each individual application, sell yourself, give the recipient a reason to want to know more and you may just be one of the lucky few who make it to the interview stages.